Investgo group is a property investment and development company. We take pride on our past projects and plan for a successful future.

We are committed to full cooperation with authorities, communities and urban planners to provide long-term safe, secure and fixed return investments and to ensure that all our projects are a success.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve their investment objectives by offering alternative investment opportunities. We are proud of our investments, as it assures our clients.

Featured Investments
What is crowdfunding? Buyers Guide Over the past year or two, crowdfunding has grown rapidly in popularity. It gets its name from the fact that it involves many people coming (‘crowding’) together to people pool resources, usually via a web platform, in order to invest in a specific company or other project.
Invest in property? Sellers Guide Property investment can be a very effective way of protecting and increasing the value of an investment portfolio over time, by absorbing fluctuations, such as a rise in inflation or unforeseen changes in market conditions. Our consultants will identify the right property investment(s) for you, tailored to your budget, financial objectives and deadlines.
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