Maximizing growth potential

At Investgo, we aim to achieve maximum growth potential by offering investment opportunities to international investors with a minimum of £15,000. We offer two main types of investment with terms that are fixed from three months to five years, depending on the project. The rate of return is known at the time the partnership agreement is signed.

It should be noted that we do not make assessments based on expectation, but – instead – we base them on actual project value, to give you peace of mind and security. Investment types are:

Joint  investment

In this type of investment, the Investgo Group combines money from groups of investors into a single unit and provides it to a single borrower.

  • Money from investors is invested directly in one of our development projects.
  • Backed by development process funds associated with the investment.
  • The investment is not subject to change or stock volatility
  • Returns are specified in the partnership agreement before any investment is accepted.

Ready investments 

Here, high returns are paid in full at maturity. This allows individual investors to increase their profits from investments by collaboration with other investors through the Investgo group.

Property – the ideal investment

Many people are looking for high investment returns over the next five years. The question is: how is this best achieved? While investing in the stock markets or goods can offer high profits, they are also volatile and unsafe. This means that, for many – those who need the peace of mind of secure investment – they are not the right choice.

Property investment, on the other hand, provides the potential for strong returns with significantly less risk. Although it’s a market that’s not, perhaps, as profitable as it once was, it has recovered from the economic crisis of 2008 and offers – with the right advice and support – extremely healthy returns. For investors with a low or medium risk profile, property investment is the ideal choice. 

Investgo – the perfect investment partner

In recent years, many people have been let down by their investments, either because of the volatility of the markets or because of unrealistic expectations set by unethical investment partners. Neither of these can happen with Investgo. Firstly, our investments are based on property, so market volatility is minimised; secondly, we operate in a completely transparent and ethical way, so you can be completely confident in your decision to invest with us. With many happy investors across the UK and abroad, we are proud to be making a difference to the lives of many, either by providing financial security or by offering true peace of mind.