Our History

Investgo was born out of my own determination

I have been in the trading environment for many years. I started importing and exporting goods which ranged from construction machinery and electricity generators to consumables such as foodstuffs. I also began sourcing workers for development projects in the Middle East. As my experience grew, so did the size of project I worked on, and I was soon running development projects worth millions of pounds, funded by private investors. One result of this was that, over the years, I built an excellent network, in North Africa and the Middle East, working both with individuals and organisations.

In 2003, I began to invest in the UK property market. After the global financial crash of 2008, I decided to divest myself of my interests in the UK, and move my investments back to to North Africa and the Middle East. However, in subsequent years, I closely monitored the UK market, and in 2014 I started to reinvest as the market began to pick up. Now, in 2015, I've started Investgo, and am now seeking approaches from investors looking to capitalise on the opportunities presented by a rapidly growing UK market.